Bergamo Alta on foot: a journey that you will not forget…

“Bergamo is a very beautiful town!” – this was the description of the town given by a Venetian traveller in ‘600, who was crossing the surroundings of Lombardy.
He had perhaps come back to Venice when we wrote down these notes and he still had before his eyes, as well as in his heart, the picture of the town, located on a hill, which could be seen on the plain and which was coming nearer and nearer, one being able to distinguish little by little the details of its wonderful scenery, through towers and spires. This is the picture that meets every tourist nowadays, even the latter has no more that opportunity of the abovementioned traveller of stopping to admire the surroundings, often put in the shadow by the new buildings. However, the sensation at the sight of the town located on the hill is the same as it was four centuries ago, when the main gate inserted into the walls, dedicated to Sant’Agostino, was rising. The monumental fountain made of white marble and grey sandstone is located near the passway, and a jet of fresh water, coming from a spring, appears in the middle of it. This is town’s true wealth and luxury for the tired traveller.
Another fountain strikes the visitor’s eye nowadays. It’s the one from piazza Vecchia (the Old Square), an authentic visual support that underlines the size of the square, being considered one of the most beautiful objects from the territories over which Venice has extended its domain. Moreover, someone has stated that the place looks like a theatre stage as the balance between the empty space in the square, unified by the pavement with big squares and with the alignment of the buildings over which the civic tower, or the Campanone, rises, is perfect. It’s like a giant exclamation mark made of stone, where the lines of this balanced space meet together. For being able to admire it, one must be on the opposite side of the square and then follow freely all this with the eyes, for getting finally focused on the edge of the tower, the culminating point of this wonderful architecture.
Don’t you think that in the twilight of the lodge, under the”palazzo della Ragione”, one can notice how the masks from the”Commedia dell’Arte” (Comedy of Artists) move? They are those of the immortal Harlequin and of his adventure-friend Brighella, born in result of an ancient tradition in Bergamo. This is a stage where history and legend, the great characters and the artists, move and talk about themselves.
However, we can change our view point and thus we can reach the peak of the tower Campanone with the help of a quick and modern elevator. By a 360-degree view, we can follow with our eyes the splendid panorama of the town roofs, the plain, the chain of the Bergamese Alps, preceded by a line of green mounds.
As well there, on the top, we can imagine the ideal itineraries through Bergamo, for discovering it and for enjoying its beauty.